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The One Day Writing Retreat You Won’t Want to Miss! ( Sept 16)


The One Day Writing Retreat You Won’t Want to Miss.

with award winning teacher Deborah Kimmett

Sept 16th 2017

Ellena’s Cafe, Dundas Street Napanee


9-3:30 pm


Product Description

The One Day Writing Retreat is back by popular demand.
Do you want to write a book, a play, a blog?
Have you always wanted to start your memoirs?
Do you need a day just for you to explore your creative life?
Do not miss this One Day Writing Retreat given by national treasure Deborah Kimmett. An award winning playwright and comic this retreat is designed for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Located beautiful Napanee, Ontario

Sept 16, 201742137847

9-3:30 pm

Ellena’s Cafe,  Dundas Street, Napanee, Ontario.,

This inspiring day is designed to inspire every level of writer and you will walk away with tips the pros you.
Award winning teacher/comic Deborah Kimmett. Her workshops at Second City sell out. And Kimmett is author of 3 books, 7 plays and has written for National TV, Radio and magazines ( The Second City, CBC radio The Debaters, More Magazine,  Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Toronto Star Columnist) Deb’s classes are energized hours of wit and wisdom.  In a humorous way she can break down the writing process in easy, digestible chunks.
Read What Other Writers Say:
Based on the the seven minute writer toolkit this is safe, energizing and plus it’s a lot of fun.
We will start the day warming up our right brain and getting the creative juices flowing. Weather permitting there will be some writing exercises down at Napanee’s lovely Springside Park and we will end up the day with great lessons on how to build your good ideas into a story people want to read.

Take Aways:

Creative ways to access your memories.

Techniques to banish your inner critic.

A set of tools that will keep you inspired long after the class is over.

This day includes: Lunch, hot and cold drinks, (  plus Ellena’s delicious  pie!!)


Don’t miss your chance to treat yourself to a day of transformation!!



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