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Write Your Solo Show. A 2 Day Intensive Nov 25-26th ( Peterborough)


“One of the best writing classes you will ever take!!!

Nov25, 26 2017 .  Peterborough ON.

12-4:30 pm.


Do you feel you have a great story you want to share with the world?
Would you like to write a Ted Talk? Or a One Person show?
Well, then, this 2 day intensive is a safe,  fast- paced creative writing workshop that get you past your voice of doubt and into trusting your own powerful story.
  1. Using a a series of right brain exercises you will push past your doubt and open up your creative side accessing the part of you that wants to tell the one person point of view.
  2. You will learn how to trust in your own distinct voice.
  3. Be given techniques to shape a comedic premise.
  4. Create the 5 P's of story created for presenting.
  5. Get inside tips the pros use when creating professional comedic work.
But best of all.... you will write a lot. And laugh a whole bunch, too.
This is good for all levels of writers.
Cold drinks, and snacks provided.
Plus as a special bonus: The DIY digital The Seven Minutewriter Toolkit.
"Deb, is so funny. And she made it safe for me to open up and tell my story. Everyone felt accepted and safe" (Lryalen Keys.)
"Deborah Kimmett's class is one of the best classes I have ever taken." ( Linda Kash, Writer, actress)
"It feels like she sticks a pen in her jugular and bleeds out all her experience, wisdom and knowledge." ( Kim Nelles, actress)

"Kimmett knows her shit." ( Lisa Merchant Improv Teacher at Second City)

This workshop is small and intimate and so there will be lots of hands of hands on coaching.
10% Discount for previous students. Or Arts Workers. ( please email info@kimmett.ca for that discount.)
About One Funny Lady Deborah Kimmett:  Deborah has taught improv, master classes and writing from the right brain, for 31 years. A comic, writer and keynote speaker. Deborah has authored 3 books, 5 plays and several one person shows. She has written for TV ( Go Girl) And Radio ( The Debaters.) She also appears regularly on Winnipeg Comedy Festival. She was shortlisted for Governor General Award for her play Miracle Mother. She is performer and playwright for the hit play Suddenly. And has created thesevenminutewriter toolkit.


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