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Write in Your Pyjamas BootCamp: Sundays online

$349.00 $299.00

Well grab your coffee and curl up in your comfy chair  and join the online community.

October 23rd–2016. Five Week Intensive. Make your story sizzle.

“”Truly one of the best classes I have ever taken.” Lisa Merchant, Second City Teacher.


Join me October 23, 2016 for 5 weeks: ONLINE

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My name is Deborah Kimmett.  I am a comedienne, writer, motivator and mentor. Even though I may be known for being funny I take your writing seriously . As a writer for the stage and page for 40 years I want to teach you what it takes to make a great story. Each class will be jam-packed with everything I've got to give.

'Kimmett's writing bootcamp is a mani-pedi for the soul."    Linda Kash, actress. 2016

Linda Kash

" Deb is a terrific teacher and knows her shit." Lisa Merchant, Improviser, The Second City


“Love, love working with Deborah Kimmett.  It is so worth working with a professional writer to learn what to do next. And this new study program gives it all to writers at one, simple package” Marilyn Shannon, Psychic. 2015.

writing bootcamp


THE 5 Week Bootcamp Starts October 23rd, 2016

Using my signature program, the seven minute writer toolkit, as our guide,  you will learn how  to write in seven minute increments. This timed writing method is a proven way that works with your busy schedule.  These classes will help you access your intuitive side, trust your good ideas and plus we will have a ball doing it.

The technology is easy. Even I can do it.

 1st Hour :We start with a weekly check in to see how you are doing. I give a talk on the subject du jour, then we write together in seven minute timed writings.

In the 2nd hour we will go over your homework. Everyone shares at thier own comfort level.  Trust me you will get better faster as you listen to writers from across the globe.

     Each class ends with goal setting for the upcoming week.

 Writing in Your Pyjamas Bootcamp Also Includes:

  1. Midweek blogs and podcasts to keep you inspired.
  2. Wednesday Night Email access to me when you get stuck and need to get over the hump.
  3. Mid-Session One Hour Coaching Session. You and I hang out online to help you drill down and learn where the story needs direction. T

What subjects does the writing bootcamp cover?

1st Week: The Seven Minute Writing Practice. The voice of Doubt. Right brain. Left Brain Exercises. Accessing your sensory side for better writing. 

2nd Week: Brainstorming, What are Tourist Eyes? How to Create and map out a Location. And a story through line.

3rd Week: What is a premise? Character POV. The Suddenly.

4th Week: The Structure of Story. The Beginning, Middle and End.

5th Week: How to Create a Great Ending. ( plus we will read the work you wish to share with the class) And set 30 day goals for after the class ends.


15 hours of in-class coaching ( VALUED @300.00) And One 45 minute Coaching Session ( VALUED at $150.00)

+ plus you will also receive:

The Seven Minute Writer Toolkit as soon as you sign up. This kit ( VALUED at 59.99) will jumpstart your creativity before the class starts. Loaded with podcasts and lessons you can get the creative juices flowing.

Other Benefits include:

Small Class size: Maximum 12 writers. You will be part of an online community.

A Coach on your side: "I am a a comedienne. And been writing for radio, stage and TV  for 40 years. And hey I am old, so I've been teaching improv and writing for 30.   Yes I am old!

Keeping you motivated and inspired is my goal.





" Deborah's dynamic energy and funny way of imparting wisdom helps it stick. " Collette Currin 2013

"Your approach was uniquely under-bearing for a "teacher". No one was judged. We only applied your suggestions. For the defiant type, this is magic." Richard Armin, Musician.

"Deb’s energy and commitment to her students is inspiring and you come away with real tools to help you move forward in your writing and break through barriers and obstacles that block you. Highly recommended for any level of writer." Deborah Jarvis, Screenwriter.

Who Should Take This Writing Bootcamp?

Writers at any stage of the journey who want to develop a regular practice in a fun way.

The technology is super easy. We call in on your computer and turn up the volume and go.

For other questions please email Carly to ask questions about the class: deborah@kimmett.ca



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